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Welcome to Proclean Janitorial Services, LLC


Welcome to


Proclean Janitorial Services, LLC


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Proclean Janitorial Services,LLC Cleaning Services

We specialize in all forms of janitorial services including:
1.Nightly Floor Maintenance
2.Professional Carpet Cleaning 
3.Professional Upholstery Cleaning
4.Stripping & Waxing of floors
5.Deep Scrubbing & Sealing of Floors
Buffing & Polishing of Floors
7.Exterior Window Cleaning

General Quotes: Unsure of how much Tile Floor Care, Carpet or Upholstery Cleaning will cost for your office? Proclean Janitorial Sevices, LLC offers free over-the-phone estimates. Simply state the size of the area that needs cleaning, and a Proclean Janitorial Services, LLC cleaning associate will give you the best estimate for the job.

In addition to our goal of offering " A Better Service at a Better Price " Proclean Janitorial Services, LLC seeks an honest, satisfying relationship with all of their customers.

Locally Owned          Fully Insured
& Operated               & Bonded

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